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canning supplies

The canning process is quite simple. First, a tin can or glass jar is filled with food and liquid (usually water). After the container has been sealed, it is heated and often put under pressure. This process kills any microorganisms that could cause illness or spoil food. When the can or jar is removed from the water, the air inside compresses and seals the contents off from the outside world. The seal then protects the food from new microorganisms entering and from oxidization from the air. After this, the food can be conveniently stored and enjoyed at a later date. Do it!

Canning Supplies

4oz Mason Ball Jar (12pk)

8oz Mason Ball Jar (12pk)

PT Mason Ball Jar Reg. Mouth (12pk)

PT Mason Ball Jar Wide Mouth (12pk)

QT Mason Ball Jar Reg. Mouth (12pk)

QT Mason Ball Jar Wide Mouth (12pk)

1/2 Gallon Mason Ball Jar Wide Mouth (6pk)

Ball 21QT Enamel Water Bath Canning Set

Ball Blue Book Preserving Guide

Assorted Jar Lids (Plastic/Metel)

Assorted Pickle Mixes

Green Mountian Pickle Company Mixes (Assorted Flavors)

Ball Pickling Lime/Salts

Any questions about Pricing or Availability Please Call.

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