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Health & Wellness

Newly hatched baby chicks typically move closer to, or further from, the heat source (you provide) to remain at a comfortable temperature. Check on them regularly to be sure they are not bunched together for warmth, which can suffocate them in some cases. A consistent supply of food and clean water is extremely important for your new baby chicks. Once a routine is establishes they will become more self-sufficient, and the fun begins.  




As your new baby chicks are growing inside this gives new chicken owners a chance to build or purchase there coop and run area. The coop should fully protect your chickens from the outside elements (rain, snow, wind), and the run area should be well protected from predators. 

CHicken Coop.jpg

Baby Chick & Adult Hen First Aid

Save-A-Chick Probiotic Supplement 3pk 

Save-A-Chick Electrolyte Supplement 3pk 

Vitamin & Electrolytes Plus 4oz

Rooster Booster Liquid Vitamin B-1 16oz

Rooster Booster Poultry Cell 16oz

Poultry Nutri Drench

Strike 3 Poultry Wormer 1lb

Corid Liquid 9.6% 16oz

Poultry Remedy Vetrex 2oz

Hen Healer Multi-Purpose Ointment 2oz

Banixx For Chicken 8oz

Pick No More Lotion 4oz

Cleaning, Deodorizing, Disinfecting

Chlorhexidine 2% 1 Gallon

Chlorhexidine 2% 16oz

Creolin All Purpose Cleaner 16oz

Egg Cleaning Wipes

Poultry Pure Plant Spray 22oz (RTU)

Poutry Protector Care Spray (RTU)

Poultry Dust-On .25% Permithrin 1.25lb

Diatomaceous Earth By Red Lakes 4lb Jar

Diatomaceous Earth By Red Lakes 40lb bag

Fresh Coop Oder Control 7lb Jug

Fresh Coop Oder Control 20lb Bag

Chicken Odd & Ends

Baby Chick Starter Home

Poultry Nipple 4pk

Poultry Drinker Cups 2pk

Incubtor Thermometer

Egg Candler

Ceramic Nest Eggs 2pk

Zip Leg Bands w/ Numbers Assorted Size

Chicken Incubators

Incubator Pro Series Digital Air & Auto Egg Turner  Model 4250

Incubator Digital Circulated Air - Model 2250

Incubator Digital Still Air - Model 2150

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