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If you want to see and select new baby chicks firsthand, come to Dodge Grain. All year round year we try to stock newly hatched baby chicks. You can come into the store observe the chicks before you buy, watch how they move around, sleep as well as handle them. The babies go home with you that day. You can purchase all your supplies including feed, feeders, waterers, heat lamps, supplements etc. Any of our experienced staff can give you advice regarding raising baby chicks. Most feed stores can be a one-stop shopping experience for new backyard chicken owners. But not all feed stores are created equally. Educating customers, and one on one guidance is what puts us ahead of the rest. We buy all of our baby chicks from national certified hatcheries from all over the USA. If you have any questions on purchasing or availability please call.

We source all our poultry from NPIP-certified hatcheries (National Poultry Improvement Plan).

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