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Soil & Manure

Garden soil is not inert. It teems with life, and nurturing a rich soil biodiversity through the application of organic compounds is the cornerstone to building a sustainable garden. The list of organic products needed to build the foundation your plants will thrive in is short. Rich organic garden or potting soil, mixed with a compost of your choice.

Soils & Manure

Top Soil 40lb

Composted Cow Manure 40lb 

Dehydrated Cow Manure 1cf

Just Naturals Raised Bed Mix 1.5cf

Just Naturals Garden Soil 1.5cf

Coast of Maine Organic Lobster Compost 1cf

Coast of Maine Platinum Growers Blend 1.5cf

Black Earth Organic Compost 1cf

Pro Mix w/MYCORISE 3.8cf

Peat Moss 3.8cf (Soil Conditioner)

Fox Farm Ocean Forest Potting Soil 1.5cf

Fox Farm Happy Frog Potting Soil 2cf

Fox Farm Happy Frog Soil Conditioner 1.5cf (Loose)

Sweet Peat Mulch 1.5cf

Potting Soil 1cf

Potting Soil 2cf

NOTE:  Compost worked into the soil is an excellent natural amendment that improves soil conditions by feeding and increasing soil organisms and increasing soil moisture retention. Organic mulches applied as a top dressing suppress weeds, prolong soil moisture, help control erosion and improve soil conditions as they break down over time.

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