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Ducks & Turkeys

Duck and Turkeys are stocked seasonally here at Dodge Grain. Typically baby chicks arrive early spring, turkeys and ducks arrive a bit later around mid summer, so timing is right for Thanksgiving ect. Please call for availability

Raising a small flock of backyard ducks can be an extremely rewarding and enjoyable family activity. If you raise your ducks from ducklings and spend lots of time handling them, they will grow up to be friendly, affectionate pets who, as an added bonus, will lay you fresh eggs. Ducks start laying eggs at about five to six months old and continue to lay for several years, however with proper care, a duck can live well over 10 years old.


Duck Breeds We Commonly Stock:


Golden 300

Buff Duck



Blue Swedish



Broad-breasted Whites are the "modern" eating turkey, similar to the ones you find in the supermarket. Standard Bronze and White Holland varieties are also popular breeds for meat production.

Broad-Breasted Bronzes and Whites are not actual breeds, just a non-standardized commercial strain used for meat, while White Hollands and Standard Bronzes are recognized breeds. Heritage turkeys include Bourbon Reds and Narragansetts, which are striking, medium-sized birds that excel at foraging and pest control. Royal Palm turkeys grow to a smaller finished size of roughly ten to sixteen pounds and are beautiful, different-looking birds.


Turkey Breeds We Commonly Stock:

Broad Breasted White

BB Bronze


*Please Call for Pricing & Availability*

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