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Egg Laying Chickens

We stock laying chickens all year round. Availability on specific breeds is limited during the winter months. But as spring rolls around our brooder fills up with thousands of baby chicks of all different Breeds.


We also stock a variety of 8-10 week old started chickens  year round. They are located outside in our chicken coop here at the store. So come on down and pick em' out. 

In their prime, chickens produce nearly one egg per day, averaging 250 per year.  After their peak, egg production starts to drop by 20% year over year.

Common Breeds we Stock 

Rhode Island Reds

New Hampshire Reds

Blank Sex Links

Red Sex Links


Plymouth Rock (Barred Rock)

Black Australorps

Salmon Faverolles

Buff Orpingtons

Light Brahmas


Golden & Silver Laced Wyandottes

Ameraucana (Easter Egger)

Assorted Bantam Silkies (mid spring availability)


NOTE - Go to "Poultry Calendar" button on home page to see breed that are currently in stock. Availability varies so call before you leave home. (603) 893-3739

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