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Meat Birds

Nothing beats the pride of producing food at home, whether home grown tomatoes or broiler chickens. They just seem to taste better than their supermarket counterparts. 

Cornish Cross Broilers are super achievers that produce the most meat on the least feed in the shortest time. These are single purpose chickens bred for meat only. Hens are slaughtered when they reach eating size (6-8 weeks) and aren’t good layers. Cornish Cross Broilers get so heavy so quickly they have a hard time walking and prefer to stay by the feeder and eat. They need a special high protein diet and careful management.


Red Rangers or Red/Black Broilers are a hybrid well suited for small flocks. They grow slower than Cornish but faster than dual purpose breeds (like Turkins) and lack the health problems of faster growing broilers. Rangers enjoy foraging outdoors and can be raised with standard breeds (laying hens). They produce the meaty breast most people enjoy and are ready for slaughter by 12 weeks. Hens can be kept and will lay about 175 eggs a year. Not as much a standard laying breed, but a nice addition to your existing flock.

Meat Breeds Commonly Stocked

-Cornish Cross (6-8 weeks)

-Red & Black Broilers (10-16 weeks)

-Kosher King (8 weeks - 1 year) All Cockerel (Cock) Hybrid Breed

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