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We stock three types of quality hay supplied from Canadian farms


1st Cut Timothy is known for its High Fiber, Low Protein & Digestibility. It is also high in nutrients compared to other grass hays. It is harvested (or cut) for the first time around May or June, which is why it's called First Cut Timothy Hay. 


2nd Cut Grass (Smells Sweeter, has less Nutrients & more Calories) Harvested late Spring. 2nd cut Grass is a finer texture and usually, a greener color and heavier leaves.


Straight Western Alfalfa (Moderate in Protein & Sugars, very palatable) Great for growing or underweight horses that are sensitive to carbohydrates.  Or horses with gastric ulcers, performance horses, late pregnancy and lactating mares, breeding stallions and senior horses.

We also have discounts for tons

(2,000 lbs.) or more!We also deliver your hay and  put it in your loft with our hay conveyor!

Pricing and weight changes daily. Please call for more details:

(603) 893-3739

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Hay Return & Exchange Policy

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