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Food & Treats

Taste of the Wild Cat (Dry)

Canyon River 14lb

Canyon River 5lb

Canyon River 5.5oz Case(24)

Rocky Mountain 14lb

Rocky Mountain 5lb

Rocky Mountain 5.5oz(24)

Low Land Ceek 5lb

Low Lands Creek 14lb

Exclusive Cat Food (Dry)

Exclusive Chicken/Rice 5lb

Exclusive Chicken/Rice 15lb

Exclusive Weight Management C/R 5lb

Exclusive Weight Management C/R 15lb

Blue Seal Cat Food (Dry)

Entrust Cat Adult 20lb

Entrust Cat Adult 6lb

Entrust Cat Weight Management 20lb

Wellness Cat Food (Wet)         

Beef/Chicken 12.5oz Case(12)

Chicken/Herring 12.5oz Case(12)

Turkey/Salmon 12.5oz Case(12)

Turkey 12.5oz Case(12)

Chicken 12.5oz Case(12)

Chicken 5.5oz

Chicken /Lobster 5.5oz(24)

Beef/Chicken 5.5oz Case(24)

Turkey 5.5oz Case(24)

Chicken/Herring 5.5oz Case(24)

Turkey/Salmon 5.5oz Case(24)

Turkey 3oz Case(24)

Chicken 3oz Case(24)

Turkey/Salmon 3oz Case (24)

Chicken/Herring 3oz Case(24)

Image by Jari Hytönen

Cat Treats

Greenies Cat Tuna 9.755oz

Greenies Cat Chicken 9.75oz

Greenies Cat Salmon 9.75oz

Greenies Cat Catnip 9.75

Cat Nip

Cosmic Cat Nip 1/2oz Cup

Cosmic Cat Nip 3oz Jar

Cosmic Cat Nip 4oz Jar

These are some of our stock items. Our toy and treat inventory is consistently revolving so feel free to give us a call or stop in to see whats new.

View our selections. Click to enlarge.

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