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We carry a variety of dog collars, leashes, and harnesses.  Feel free to bring your pup into the store and get them fit right. Any of our knowledgeable staff can help and we love 4 legged visitors. 

Other Supplies include:

-Water & Feed Bowls (Sizes Vary)

-Slow Feed Dishes 

-Pooper Scoopers/Poop Bags

-Potty Door Bell Ringers

-Wee Wee Pads (Sizes Vary)

-Training Leads (10ft-20ft lengths)

-Dog Beds (All Different Sizes)

-Pet Safe Ice melts (Magnesium Chloride)

-Heated Dog Bowls

-Arial Dog Runs (Sizes Vary)

-Dog Tie Outs (Sizes Vary)



Dogs need order. Let your pet know from the start who is the boss. When you catch them doing something they shouldn't, don't lose your cool. Stay calm, and let them know immediately, in a loud and disapproving voice, that they have misbehaved. Reward them with praise when they do well, too! Sign up for a local dog obedience class, and you'll learn what a joy it is to have a well-trained dog.

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