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Good quality food and fresh, clean water should be readily available at all times. Laboratory rodent food (milled pellets or blocks) are preferred.  The rodent diets containing seeds and nuts are not recommended because they contain too many fats and oils, and are not necessarily balanced. That said, obesity is a common problem with pet rodents (especially rats), so be aware of what you are feeding at all times. 

Rodent Feed

Oxbow Adult Rat 3lb

Higgins Sunburst Rat & Mouse 2.5lb

Mazuri Rat & Mouse Pellet Diet 25lb

Mazuri Rodent Diet (6F Block) 50lb

Mazuir Ferret Diet 5lb

Mazuri Ferret Diet 25lb




0001442 (Store Sku)

0001477 (Store Sku)

0060817 (Store Sku)

0001473 (Store Sku)

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