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Cowboy and Wild Horses

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What to do with your lawn now?

Well, at this point summer should be wrapping up, but you never know in

New England.

Your lawn should be ready for over seeding or its last application of fertilizer.

Notice: Landscapers price sheet applies to

professional landscapers ONLY!

Dose Not Apply to Normal Home Owners

Hay Return &
Exchange Policy

Fall/ Winter Fertilizer- 15k $51.99

(Other sizes available)

Fall Starter Fertilizer- 15k $64.99

(Other sizes available)

Grass seed available for all conditions and areas. Call for coverage or pricing.  

To Do:

- Fertilize or over seed lawn

- Start your snow blower & buy gas for it

-Trim back tree limbs near house or power lines

- Aerate lawn & garden 

- Prepare chicken coop for winter etc...

- Clean up leaves and debris on lawn

- Buy plane ticket and get out of town   

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