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Prepare your Chicken
for the Summer Heat!


What's going on with the yard & lawn now?

-Apply Season Long Grub Control now thru mid Aug.

-Time to apply "STAGE 2" Broadleaf Weed Control to lawn.

-At this point you will have better results using liquid crabgrass control rather than granular on the lawn.

-Apply a second application of MossEX or Fungus control.

-Apply repellents to & around flowers and vegetables.

-Get sprinklers ready and make sure you water at appropriate times of the day. (Refer to chart below for watering tips)

-If you have questions please don't hesitate to call or bring photos down to the store, we will do our best to assist.

fungus water.png

-Supply chickens with extra water fountain.

-Freeze treats to keep chickens cool on really hot days (Tomato's, cucumbers, corn, squash, peppers ect.)

-Supply plenty of shade cover, so birds don't stress. 

-Don't feed too many hard grains, (corn, wheat, milo ect.) takes more energy to digest and can make birds hotter.

-Make sure your coop has plenty of ventilation, maybe hook up a box fan for more air circulation.  

Summer Chicken Tips

Be sure to water at the right times, the chart below should help.